Stuart Rubin – A Successful Real Estate Developer

A graduate from the University of Southern California, Stuart Rubin, now leads the real estate industry. It is no surprise that real estate is where he excels as he always had an eye to detect potential where others only saw ruin. In fact, he bought and re-sold his first property at the age of 17 with his friend Richard Pachulski.

In 1986, the two found Rubin-Pachulski Properties, which Rubin currently manages. They focus on purchasing B list properties in A-list locations and giving them a makeover that increases their worth, making them worthy of their location.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Stuart Rubin has an in-depth understanding of the trade’s tools and his colleagues attest to his skill. They claim Rubin’s greatest strength is his ability to detect potential and close the deal in half the time it takes others.

It is because of his dedication that the company has managed to acquire and develop properties worth more than $150 million. In the coming year, the company is expected further to invest around $45 million to $55 million.

His impressive portfolio can best represent Rubin’s management expertise. Currently, he is the Executive Vice President of RP Properties and a Board Member of Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services.

He has also served as a Board Member for the Private Bank of California and was the former Chairman of L&R Auto parks, a business owned and run by his family. Though he no longer actively manages it, he is still a board member.

A portfolio full of successful purchase and resale of over $150 million worth of properties, Stuart Rubin, can very well be dubbed a real estate expert. He enjoys his work, and his interest in real estate development is the secret to his success.

At the current growth rate, the company may soon grow too large to handle, and though Stuart Rubin does not intend to take the company public, he may need to. His keen eye, management expertise, and dedication have brought RP Properties, his primary business, to the heights it now enjoys.